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It is truly humbling to join the board of such an innovative and visionary organization that is transforming the industry with adaptive, responsive and customizable technology that serves to create life-long learning through advancing formal education, continuing education, competency management and reflective learning.
-Dr. Cole Edmonson,
Chief Clinical Officer
AMN Healthcare
The OnRole adaptive learning algorithm allows our faculty to customize curriculum to each student’s individual needs. Through an assessment of nine key competencies that represent the curricular strengths of our nursing program, students will take a pre-assessment to establish a baseline. The OnRole adaptive learning platform will facilitate customized curriculum according to individual gaps in key areas of learning, allowing the student to complete a degree more quickly, saving both time and money. We are excited to offer this robust competency-based program to RNs on their journey to BSN.
-Dr. Jeff McCormack,
Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences
Oklahoma Christian University
The Professional Portfolio Data Vault is a long sought-after tool to support current Magnet® and Pathway to Excellence® organizations, as well as those on the journey to either designation. The individuals responsible for submitting ongoing demographic reports now have the ability to eliminate their tedious manual tracking of degrees, certifications, and other items such as potential document stories, thereby saving countless hours of their time.
-Gen Guanci,
Creative Heath Care Management – Cultures of Excellence™
Trinisys is excited to be partnering with OnSomble in delivering exponential value to OnSomble’s customers and the broader healthcare market at large. The relationship is a natural one, given that our respective organizations share the same passion for creating innovative technology solutions.
-Jay Cannon,
As healthcare leaders repeatedly emphasize how critically important talent development is to their future, OnSomble has built a winning solution. We are excited to see OnRole’s rapid growth and are honored to be the developers behind the Platform.
-Peter Marcum,
Founder and CEO
DevDigital and Kernel Equity
The partnership between OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management is a natural one. OnSomble’s adaptive learning platform will support and empower our core assessments to provide maximum value to our customers and, most importantly, to the patients we serve.
-Mary Koloroutis,
Creative Health Care Management
The OnRole™ virtual learning platform is a cohesive companion to our interactive e-learning modules. Mapping our evidence-based content to OnSomble’s Professional Role Competencies enriches our mutual endeavor to provide leading-edge tools that assist in improving patient outcomes and quality care through the application of the latest evidence based practices.
-Bobbi Martin,
Executive Director
Galen Center for Professional Development
OnSomble is a natural choice for Quorum. The OnRole analytical insights allow us to develop precise recommendations based on the specific needs of our clients. We are enthused to use this innovative tool to enhance our client solutions.
-Dr. Patricia Cooper,
VP of Clinical Operations
Quorum Health Resources
We are excited to add OnRole to our product offerings. OnRole is a unique tool in the marketplace because it can describe, predict, and prescribe professional behaviors of individuals, teams, and entire organizations. It aligns perfectly with our desire to enhance professional performance.
-Dan Heffernan,
General Manager
Dale Carnegie Digital