TAMC and OnSomble partner to offer leading edge competency measurement solution

TAMC and OnSomble partner to offer leading edge competency measurement solution

Aroostook County – TAMC, Aroostook County’s most comprehensive provider of healthcare services, is taking another step forward in the organization’s continuing efforts to strive for high quality and safety for patients by partnering with Nashville-based OnSomble, provider of a comprehensive software solution designed to measure core competencies within organizations.

“Measuring our nurse’s current competencies and potential needs and strengths will be the key to addressing training and preceptor opportunities,” said Roland Joy, vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer at TAMC. To do that, according to Joy, the hospital will use OnSomble’s propriety software solution, OnRole™. The software provides unprecedented, data-driven insights to optimize professionals, teams and organizations. Using leading-edge algorithms to discern competency levels, OnRole™ is the source for intelligent analytics.

“The OnRole™ online 360-degree evaluation tool incorporates peers, managers, and employees for a complete well-rounded evaluation. Many key reports are available, and the data collected will give managers a greater understanding of the training and educational needs most needed by their staff members,” explained Joy. “With OnRole™, nurses will be better equipped to focus their efforts on the areas most evident for learning and growth opportunities.”

The partnership between TAMC and OnSomble is a natural connection given TAMC’s vision to offer the highest quality of care to patients through leveraging innovative technologies and upholding the highest standards of care. The OnRole™ platform has been specially customized to measure the 11 Maine Nursing Core Competencies and provide a non-subjective employee evaluation that is both meaningful for the employee and the organization. Competencies will be measured using the 11 Maine Nurse Core Competency metrics, which include Professionalism, Leadership, Patient-Centered Care, Evidence-Based Practice, Teamwork and Collaboration, Communication, System-Based Practice, Informatics and Technology, Safety, Quality Improvement, and Geriatrics.

The multi-year innovative initiative is scheduled to begin on the fall of 2016, with the objective of improving core competency metrics that support practice excellence, quality, and patient safety.

“TAMC is a pioneering organization that has been in the forefront of innovation within the state of Maine. We are very honored to work alongside TAMC’s nursing leadership team in the deployment of a sustainable and efficient online measurement system to track and improve the knowledge, skills, and behaviors associated with the 11 Maine Nursing Core Competencies. OnRole™ will provide TAMC’s nurses with individual feedback, while trending educational opportunities across the nursing continuum allowing the manager to offer education that targets specific needs,” stated Enderson Miranda, president and COO of OnSomble, Inc.

About TAMC

TAMC (The Aroostook Medical Center), a non-profit organization that provides the most comprehensive healthcare services in northern Maine. TAMC is driven by its mission to improve, maintain and restore the health of our friends and neighbors in a professional and comprehensive environment. A part of EMHS since 1999, TAMC operates as a system within a system, and includes: A.R. Gould Memorial Hospital in Presque Isle; the Aroostook Health Center in Mars Hill (long-term and skilled care); North Street Healthcare in Presque Isle; primary care health centers in Presque Isle, Caribou, Mars Hill and Fort Fairfield; and Crown Emergency Care bases in Presque Isle, Fort Fairfield, Limestone and Mars Hill. TAMC employs over 1,000 people and is the largest employer in Aroostook County.

About OnSomble

OnSomble is committed to creating industry-leading tools that enable key decision-makers to optimize their most valuable resource: their personnel. Through evidence-based management theories and skill acquisition models, OnSomble is a pioneer in measuring, reporting, and developing professional competencies. Through an evolving loop of evaluation, data analysis, and professional development, OnSomble offers the tools for sustainable professional excellence.