Relational Insight 360 (RI-360)

Relational Insight 360 (RI-360) is an adaptive learning platform that provides actionable insights and development to enable everyone in your organization—quickly and sustainably— to embody the four relational practices that ensure patients and their families feel safe, seen, and held with every encounter, every time.

Based on the relational practices introduced in the book and workshop, See Me as a Person, Relational Insight 360 offers a web-based assessment and adaptive learning programs that strengthen the defined relational behaviors known to improve the quality of the relationships individuals form with their patients and families and their co-workers.

The RI-360 relational assessment provides individuals, managers, and organizations with data to help them identify and reinforce strong relational behaviors and uncover areas of weakness. Learning modules provide individuals with self-directed learning and reinforcement of key relational behaviors, further embedding the fundamentals of relational excellence into your organization. Individual and group progress can be monitored over time through subsequent assessments. The RI- 360 data provides insights for actionable development at the individual, team and departmental level.

RI-360 has particular value for organizations seeking Magnet® recognition because it simplifies several ANCC requirements.
RI-360 provides the following:

  • A streamlined peer feedback process that can be administered to all nurses
  • Automatic collection and tracking of the required demographic information for the ANCC data collection tool (DDCT®)
  • Additional support for the ANCC requirement for meaningful documentation of professional development activities that contribute to the improvement in knowledge, skills, or practice in the workplace

The investment of licensing RI-360 is based on the number of employees who participate, as the fees are determined per users. Initial investment includes a one-time setup fee. Purchasing access for staff members throughout the organization significantly lowers the per-user costs while helping to saturate your culture with the vocabulary, mindset, and every-day applications of relational excellence.

Relational Insight 360 is created and powered by Creative Health Care Management and OnSomble. MAGNET®, Magnet Recognition Program®, ANCC®, Magnet®, and the Magnet Journey® are registered trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The products and services of Creative Health Care Management and OnSomble are neither sponsored nor endorsed by ANCC. All Rights Reserved.
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