Quorum Health Resources and OnSomble Partner

Quorum Health Resources and OnSomble Partner

OnSomble’s data analytics solution for professional development is now available through Quorum


Quorum Health Resources (Quorum), the leader in healthcare management, consulting and advisory services to hospitals throughout the U.S., announced today a partnership with Nashville- based OnSomble, provider of a comprehensive software solution designed to measure behavioral competencies. Quorum plans to augment their consulting and management services to clinicians through OnSomble’s business intelligence analytics software.

OnSomble’s proprietary software solution, OnRole, provides unprecedented, data-driven insights to optimize professionals, teams and organizations. Using leading edge algorithms to discern competency levels, OnRole is the source for intelligent analytics. Together, Quorum and OnSomble enhance role competency and prescribe a professional development program for the individual, the team, and the entire organization.

“OnSomble is the source of behavioral analytics. Quorum is the source for advanced leadership and management consulting in the healthcare arena. Together, OnSomble and Quorum form a strong alliance. Our joint efforts will bring an innovative first- to- market solution to the healthcare marketplace,” said Shawn D. Mathis, CEO of OnSomble. “Quorum offers a unique fusion of client solutions. We are excited about the synergy that will be created through our partnership.” Enderson Miranda, President and COO of OnSomble notes that, “The partnership allows OnRole’s data analytics to provide key insights for Quorum’s best practice solutions, together delivering the maximum evidence-based value to our mutual clients.”

“OnSomble is a natural choice for Quorum,” said Dr. Patricia Cooper, VP of Quorum’s Clinical Operations. “The OnRole analytical insights allow us to develop precise recommendations based on the specific needs of our clients. We are enthused to use this innovative tool to enhance our client solutions.”

About OnSomble

OnSomble is committed to creating industry-leading tools that enable key decision-makers to optimize their most valuable resource: their personnel. Through evidence-based management theories and skill acquisition models, OnSomble is a pioneer in measuring, reporting, and developing professional competencies. Through an evolving loop of evaluation, data analysis, and professional development, OnSomble offers the tools for sustainable professional excellence.

About Quorum Health Resources

Quorum Health Resources offers a variety of services to hospitals throughout the U.S., providing guidance for hospital performance improvement from clinical operations and compliance to revenue cycle and IT. Through quickly mobilizing a focused, multidisciplinary team, Quorum delivers enterprise-wide solutions to help hospitals make adjustments necessary to achieve sustainable performance. The Quorum Difference is the extraordinary combination of consulting guidance and operations experience that enables client healthcare organizations to achieve a sustainable future. As an integrated professional services company, Quorum has been delivering innovative executable solutions through experience and thought leadership for more than three decades.