OnSomble Partners with DevDigital, LLC to Enhance Web-Based Professional Assessment and Development Tool Suite

OnSomble Partners with DevDigital, LLC to Enhance Web-Based Professional Assessment and Development Tool Suite


OnSomble, Inc. has partnered with DevDigital, LLC to enhance its web-based product suite, including its professional community, professional role-based assessment tool, and professional role educational applications.
OnSomble, an online nurse community and professional role-based development company, engages nurses in dialogue, assesses, and educates about the professional role conceptual framework. “At the heart of our work is web-based technology that introduces nurses to professional role, assesses their current work as a leader, scientist, transferor, and practitioner, and provides educational tools to enhance their role-based practice,” notes Dr. Maria O’Rourke, chief strategy officer and chief nursing officer for OnSomble.

OnSomble’s partnership with DevDigital will provide OnSomble with further enhancement of its professional community, refinement of its assessment tools, and the creation of additional web-based educational applications. “We are particularly excited about working with DevDigital to create robust technology applications that will strengthen evidence-based management, professional role assessment and reporting, education models, and human capital analysis for our healthcare clients,” observes Shawn Mathis, executive chairman of OnSomble.

DevDigital has served clients in numerous locations across the United States and the globe, including Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Trinidad, India, and Costa Rica. “Our work has focused on integrated technology builds focusing on PHP and Linux work and we have completed over 35 iPhone and Android applications,” explains Peter Marcum, founding partner of DevDigital.

DevDigital specializes in large data-based integration projects with particular focus on large medical applications. “We are excited to be strategically aligned with OnSomble. We believe this partnership is perfect for us because OnSomble has many high-level healthcare clients that need to input and access data online and across any desktop or mobile device through its professional role assessment and educational product suite,” Marcum concludes.

DevDigital offers creative, high-quality website design, website development, database and software application development, e-commerce solutions, corporate branding, maintenance services, CMS – content management, SEO – search engine optimization, iPhone, iPad, Android apps and web-based business applications geared towards businesses of all sizes. DevDigital is based in Nashville and provides services for clients throughout the world
OnSomble, Inc. is an online nurse community and role-based professional development company. The company’s various platforms allow nurses the opportunity to network, engage in dialogue, and grow in their personal and professional lives through its exclusive community portal and meet the professional development needs of nurses and global healthcare organizations through its role-based assessment and development software, OnRole.

OnSomble has offices in Nashville, TN and San Francisco, CA.

Source: PRWEB