OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management Partner

OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management Partner

OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management Partner to Enhance Relational Competencies and Maximize Value to Patients

CHCM’s assessments and corresponding learning content will be delivered virtually through the OnRole™ platform


Nashville, TN – Creative Health Care Management (CHCM) and OnSomble, Inc. announced today a strategic partnership to provide data-driven relational competency assessments and individualized learning solutions to healthcare organizations.

CHCM is the leader in cultural transformation through Relationship-Based Care™ (RBC), with over four decades of expertise in relational competencies. OnSomble is the provider of OnRole™, a unique virtual learning platform designed to measure competencies and target individualized learning via intelligent adaptive learning algorithms.Creative Health Care Management

Together, both companies will be able to deliver CHCM’s assessments and corresponding learning content virtually through the OnRole™ platform.

The seamless integration of CHCM’s content into the OnRole™ platform has already been proven in 2017, when both companies successfully completed their first pilot implementation of a pioneering cohort of 1,260 people, consisting of 14 different clinical disciplines.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Creative Health Care Management. CHCM’s programs and educational content are extraordinary, and we are honored to host them in our OnRole™ platform,” stated Enderson Miranda, CEO of OnSomble. “This partnership will empower our mutual clients to combine CHCM’s world-class expertise in leveraging the power of relationships with OnSomble’s learning algorithms that leverage the power of data.”

“The partnership between OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management is a natural one. OnSomble’s adaptive learning platform will support and empower our core assessments to provide maximum value to our customers and, most importantly, to the patients we serve,” stated Mary Koloroutis, CEO of Creative Health Care Management.

About OnSomble, Inc.

OnSomble provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with customizable adaptive learning platforms for professional development, continued education, and individualized learning. The OnRole™ platform allows organizations to efficiently allocate evidence-based content and education resources, utilize key metrics and data analytics to pinpoint opportunities for development, identify internal leaders to empower their growth from within, provide built-in peer feedback capabilities, measure key demographic and certification data (DDCT®) that support ANCC Magnet® and Pathways to Excellence®, create individual self-development dashboards that support employee engagement, and reduce variation in practice to optimize patient outcomes.

About Creative Health Care Management (CHCM)

CHCM partners with health care organizations to improve quality, safety, patient experience, staff and physician satisfaction, and financial performance by improving relationships. Over the last four decades, CHCM has helped transform health care with Relationship-Based Care (RBC), delivered comprehensive Magnet® preparation services, and revolutionized the field of competency assessment. CHCM provides thought leadership not only through consultation, but through the publication of numerous award winning and bestselling books.