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Next generation business intelligence to develop, empower, and manage high-impact teams.

The OnRole Process

OnSomble’s core tool, OnRole, equips key decision-makers with a comprehensive system for identifying, evaluating, and developing standardized professional role behaviors that are critical to workforce success.

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Evaluate professional competency


Professional Competency

Utilizing a 4-step evaluation process that aggregates self, supervisor, peer, and subordinate inputs, OnRole identifies and quantifies individual and enterprise-level strengths. This key process outlines development opportunities across four professional competencies:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Decision-Making
  • Execution

Analyze Data

To Generate Meaningful Insights

OnRole’s 360° analytics allow you to analyze and interpret the data to identify gaps in professional practice, measure improvement, and identify trends. With the help of a dedicated account representative your organization will get the most value from your data and the unprecedented insight it provides.

Evidence-Based Professional Development Plans​


Evidence-Based Professional Development Plans

OnSomble provides professional role competency programs designed to lead your organization through key facets of workforce development.

OnRole Advanced transformational services promote employee engagement, improve multidisciplinary communication, and focus on key organizational outcomes.

Organizations can also choose to engage their internal educational resources based on OnRole report findings. Our staff will ensure that you maximize your existing internal resources by using your OnRole data to make evidence-based decisions about training programs.

OnRole Process: Evaluation


Our unique 4-step, 360° process identifies strengths and outlines development opportunities across four key professional competencies.

OnRole Process: Insight


Data is presented in an in-depth analysis that identifies gaps in professional practice, measures improvement, and identifies trends.


OnSomble provides professional role competency development programs focused on key organizational outcomes

OnRole Process: Development


Skilled and artful use of discovery data provides leaders the opportunity to deepen essential relational practices and behaviors. Creative Health Care Insight™ empowers your team to best utilize the platform’s tools alongside your existing developmental resources in the most effective way to ensure the sustainability of relational competence throughout the organization.


Along with identifying strengths, individualized user dashboards automatically highlight key development opportunities. E-learning modules develop and enhance relational competence in clinicians and leaders.


Customize a seamless 360° discovery process that can include self-appraisal, peer feedback, supervisor/manager/preceptor evaluations, and/or direct-report feedback – both quantitative and qualitative. Individualized and tailored reports identify gaps and track changes over time.

Effectively collect, track, and validate key demographic information about your team.