OnRole Nurse

OnRole™ is an adaptive learning tool for professional nurses to develop the four competencies that improve the effectiveness of all others:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Execution

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Evaluate Role Clarity and Professional Role Competency

The first step is evaluation with a 360-degree diagnostic that includes peer feedback, a self-assessment, supervisor, and subordinate views. The second step is providing the insights from this diagnostic in an easy-to-read dashboard and the ability to drill down into the data. The final step is to develop the competencies through adaptive education. The measurement scale is the Dreyfus Novice-to-Expert model.

Analyze Data to Generate Meaningful Insights

OnRole’s 360° analytics allow you to analyze and interpret the data to identify gaps, measure improvement, and identify trends. With the help of a dedicated account representative, your organization will get the most value from your data and the unprecedented insight it provides.

Empower Evidence-Based Professional Development

OnRole™ allows organizations to efficiently allocate evidence-based content and education resources, utilize key metrics and data analytics to pinpoint opportunities for development, identify internal leaders to empower their growth from within, create individual self-development dashboards that support employee engagement, and reduce variation in practice to optimize patient outcomes.

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