Who is OnSomble and what is the OnRole Platform?

OnSomble provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with customizable adaptive learning platforms for professional development, continued education, individualized learning, and competency management.

OnRole™ is a cloud-based platform developed by OnSomble. Our OnRole™ Platform is customized for each organization, therefore the specific terminology may differ for each unique client. See our platform section for list of our diverse suite of platforms powered by OnSomble’s OnRole™.

ANCC Magnet and Pathways to Excellence Support

Our platform provides an efficient peer feedback and self-appraisal process that is fully customizable for each client and can be administered to all nurses. OnRole offers behavioral-based and interdisciplinary peer feedback tools that are focused on professional competency of clinicians and healthcare leaders.

Additionally, the peer feedback instrument can be based on each organization’s existing internal competency model, professional practice model, current peer feedback process, or any competency model they choose to use. 

This repository enables you to compile and extract data to complete a variety of required reports including the Demographic Data Collection Tool (DDTC)® for Magnet®, the Organizational Demographic Form (ODF)® for Pathways to Excellence®, and other demographic reports.

We work with each organization to customize their demographic data collection based on their current data needs. Demographic information gets properly tracked and tagged within the platform for ease of reporting, which can be generated with the click of a button. 

Peer feedback & Professional practice

It is our duty as health care providers to ensure we support the professional development of our nurses, involve them in their field, and identify strengths and opportunities. This way, our nurses are able to grow in their role and are therefore empowered to grow professionally. This in turn, produces the best possible patient outcomes. Peer Feedback is a means of improvement. It is a powerful way to drive continued excellence. Holding each other accountable is the key to the success of a Professional Practice Model. Peer Feedback is also a requirement for every Magnet® organization or those that are in the Magnet Journey®.

Yes. Peer feedback is an important component of professional practice, therefore RNs at all levels should participate. This is an important factor in the use of the OnRole™ Platform for ANCC Magnet® Peer-Feedback and Self-Appraisal requirements.

A key aspect of our delivery of care is to provide excellent care at affordable costs to all our patients. This can’t be done without solid nurse involvement. By using an evidence-based approach that empowers and allows nurses to grow in their role, quality patient outcomes are inevitable. The peer feedback process can serve as a guide to develop individual development plans that can guide the progressive professional growth of our registered nurses.


We partner with each organization to customize a unique and secure URL. A Welcome Email from OnRole™ Platform ( includes your login credentials, unique URL and instructions on how to set up your account. Additionally, you should have received an internal communication/email from your organization to indicate when the Welcome Email from OnRole™ was launched. Please contact if you did not receive the email or need further assistance.

If you forget your password, visit the OnRole™ unique URL, choose “Forgot Password,” enter your username, and a link to renew your password will be emailed to you. If your email is not recognized please contact

If receiving an ‘Invalid username or email’ error message, contact our client solutions team who will be happy to assist with updating your information.

OnRole is a cloud-based platform so it does not require any software to be downloaded. Our platform is optimized and guaranteed to work for the two latest versions of the 4 major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari for Mac, and Internet Explorer). However, if any browser-related issues should arise because of older browser versions, our customer support addresses them on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, users can also complete access the OnRole platform from their mobile devices, such tablets or smartphones.

If you need any assistance, please contact OnSomble Client Solutions Team at or via phone at 1.800.242.0386, extension 12.

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OnSomble works with organizations of all sizes, primarily in healthcare. Our clients include large healthcare systems, prestigious research institutions, and universities.