Creative Health Care Insight

Creative Health Care Insight

The Creative Health Care Insight platform empowers individuals and organizations to effectively Discover, Develop, and Deepen relational competence.

The Creative Health Care Insight platform helps transform organizations through an innovative combination of research-based 360 assessments, award-winning educational content, and expert facilitation from the health care culture experts at Creative Health Care Management.

The customizable solution provides health care organizations with meaningful data, useful interpretation, and actionable insight specific to your organization. Staff and leaders can also develop their respective skills with targeted e-learning. All data and activities are captured in an online data vault that both staff and leaders can utilize to further their professional and organizational development.

Creative Health Care Insight


Customize a seamless 360 discovery process that can include self-appraisal, peer feedback, supervisor/manager/preceptor evaluations, and/or direct-report feedback – both Customize a seamless 360 discovery process that can include self-appraisal, peer feedback, supervisor/manager/preceptor evaluations, and direct-report feedback—both quantitative and qualitative. Individualized and tailored reports identify gaps and track changes over time.

Effectively collect, track, and validate key demographic information about your team, including what is required by ANCC® in its Demographic Data Collection Tool® (DDCT®) for Magnet® and Organization Demographic Form (ODF®) for Pathway to Excellence®

Key features:

  • Relational Insight 360™ Discovery Tool
  • Leadership Insight 360™ Discovery Tool
  • Professional Portfolio Data Vault™

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