Competency Prioritization and Management

Competency Assessment – 

Keeping it Meaningful and Manageable

The Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies require that employees have an ongoing assessment of competencies related to their job functions, which includes all direct caregivers, non-direct caregivers, managers/supervisors, support staff, agency/contract employees, volunteers, and students.

Organizations need to conduct competency assessments initially for all new employees and then periodically throughout their employment. The ongoing competency assessment must reflect quality improvement trends and issues that pertain to their organization. This does not mean creating lengthy lists of competencies for each job class that need to be checked over and over each year. This approach is time-consuming and does not address the ever-changing needs related to quality improvement.

Donna Wright has created a better approach to competency assessment that meets the regulatory standards and promotes accountability and clarity in the organization.
Thousands of organizations worldwide have embraced the Donna Wright Model of Competency Assessment and have created meaningful, manageable, and highly successful strategies for competency assessment. In addition, Donna Wright’s book ‘The Ultimate Guide Competency Assessment in Health Care’ has sold over 25,000 copies worldwide, becoming the most trusted resource on competency assessment available.

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Competency Prioritization, Validation, and Management Platform

OnSomble and Creative Health Care Management has partnered with Donna Wright to develop the only platform that empowers organizations to operationalize and leverage the Wright Competency Model to seamlessly prioritize and manage their competency needs while also tracking completion documentation for each employee.

Our platform exceeds regulatory body requirements by providing customizable reports that track and document all steps in the critical thinking and decision-making process around competency considerations.

Organizations save significant time and money by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their ongoing competency management processes. Our platform allows for competencies to be filtered and prioritized for groups, units, or departments based on strategic goals, current population needs, quality data, and high-risk aspects. Our platform empowers teams to follow a replicable and measurable systematic approach that identifies, tracks, and validates the right competencies that reflect their specific quality improvement needs (the Joint Commission looks for a strong tie between QI and competency assessment).

Nurse Competency Prioritization and Management.

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