OnSomble provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with customizable adaptive learning platforms for professional development, continued education, individualized learning, and competency management.

Competency Prioritization, Validation, and Management Platform

OnSomble has the only platform developed in partnership with Donna Wright and Creative Health Care Management to truly empower organizations to operationalize and leverage Donna Wright’s Competency Model to seamlessly prioritize and manage their competency needs while also tracking completion documentation for each employee.  Our platform exceeds regulatory body requirements by providing customizable reports that track and document all steps in the critical thinking and decision-making process around competency considerations.

Organizations that implement our competency platform save significant time and money by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their ongoing competency management processes. Our platform allows for competencies to be filtered and prioritized for groups, units, or departments based on strategic goals, current population needs, quality data, and high-risk aspects.  Our platform empowers your teams to follow a replicable and measurable systematic approach that identifies, tracks, and validates the right competencies that reflect your specific quality improvement needs (the Joint Commission looks for a strong tie between QI and competency assessment). 

ANCC Magnet® and Pathway to Excellence® Support

OnSomble’s platforms support ANCC Magnet® and Pathway to Excellence® by seamlessly automating legacy paper-based systems, providing meaningful and data-driven peer feedback processes, collecting, tracking, and validating key demographic and certification data (DDCT®), creating individual self-development dashboards that support employee engagement, allowing organizations to utilize key metrics and data analytics to pinpoint opportunities for development, and identifying internal leaders to empower their growth from within.

Peer Feedback and Self-Appraisal (fully customizable)

Our platforms provide streamlined peer feedback and self-appraisal processes that are fully customizable for each client and can be administered to all nurses. The peer feedback tool can be based on the organization’s existing internal competency model, professional practice model, current peer feedback process, or any competency model they choose to use.

Documentation of Professional Development 

Our platform supports ANCC’s requirement for meaningful documentation of professional development activities that contribute to the improvement in knowledge, skills, or practice in the workplace. Each person has access to their individualized self-development dashboard, based on the organization’s unique peer feedback process, which provides key insights about their strengths and areas with the biggest opportunity for improvement. Managers at all levels have access to key reports about their team’s development. All reports can be easily filtered and benchmarked by several variables, including education level, tenure, job title, department, shift, and much more.

MAGNET®, Magnet Recognition Program®, ANCC®, Magnet®, Pathway to Excellence®, Journey to Pathway Excellence® and the Journey to Magnet Excellence® are registered trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The products and services of OnSomble are neither sponsored nor endorsed by ANCC. All Rights Reserved.

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