Nurse Development – Improving Healthcare Outcomes

In this episode, Dr. John Nelson, along with his co-editors Mary Ann Hozak and Jayne Felgen, discuss why they wrote the 2021 book Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Healthcare Outcomes. They discuss how they leveraged the story told by staff to create context specified measurement models which made the data both relevant and actionable to improve outcomes for staff and patients. These context specified measurement models increased the accuracy of the predictive models to give guidance for action forward to improve relational and clinical outcomes. They review how the 18 chapters in this book has begun the testing of the quadruple aim by studying the employee’s experience and profile in relationship to outcomes.

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OnSomble provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with customizable adaptive learning solutions for professional development, continued education, and individualized learning. OnSombles solutions empower organizations to efficiently allocate evidence-based content and education resources and utilize key metrics and data analytics. The solutions are designed to pinpoint development opportunities, identify internal leaders, empower growth from within, provide built-in peer feedback capabilities, measure key demographic and certification data, and create individual self-development dashboards that support employee engagement and reduce variation in practice, optimizing patient outcomes.

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