The Institute 4 Worthy Performance and OnSomble Partner to Offer a Distinctive Solution in Professional Development with Leading Edge Behavior Analytics

The Institute for Worthy Performance, a leading provider of performance improvement measurement, evaluation, and ROI studies, announced a partnership with Nashville-based OnSomble, the provider of a comprehensive software solution designed to measure behavioral competencies. The Institute 4 Worthy Performance is enthusiastic to unlock the power of data in performance management through OnSomble’s business intelligence analytics software to offer a Distinctive Solution in Professional Development with Leading Edge Behavior Analytics

OnSomble’s proprietary software solution, OnRole, provides unprecedented, data-driven insights to optimize professionals, teams and organizations. Using leading edge algorithms to discern competency levels, OnRole is the source for intelligent analytics. In collaboration, TI4WP and OnSomble prescribe an extensive role competency and performance improvement solution for professional development catered to the individual, the team, and the organization as a whole.

“Our partnership allows us to merge our strengths in assessment and development with TI4WP’s strength in the area of evidence-based performance improvement and ROI studies to make a compelling case for organizations to invest in their greatest resource – their workforce. Together, we bring a distinctive solution in the area of professional development.” – Shawn Mathis, CEO of OnSomble

“I have been in the talent development and performance improvement business since 1980. For the first time, our profession has a game-changing, evidence-driven capability to address the enterprise-wide human capital challenges vexing organizational leaders around the globe. OnSomble’s transformational OnRole software suite reveals mysteries hidden in big data—real-time and on an on-going basis.” – Dr. Tim Brock, CEO of TI4WP

About OnSomble

OnSomble is committed to creating industry-leading tools that enable key decision-makers to optimize their most valuable resource: their personnel. Through evidence-based management theories and skill acquisition models, OnSomble is a pioneer in measuring, reporting, and developing professional competencies. Through an evolving loop of evaluation, data analysis, and professional development, OnSomble offers the tools for sustainable professional excellence.

About The Institute 4 Worthy Performance

The Institute 4 Worthy Performance has provided innovative thought leadership to solve performance issues in healthcare, education, military, and governmental agencies. They are an associate of the ROI Institute, the leading resource on research, training, and networking for practitioners of the Phillips ROI Methodology – a critical tool for measuring and evaluating programs, that is used in more than 60 countries. They are also a practice leader with The Institute for Performance Improvement, the leading authority for evidence-based evaluations and credentials supporting schools and general workforce competence accountability. TI4WP is led by Dr. Tim Brock (CEO), and offers a variety of consulting services, learning opportunities and publications, and conducts internal research activities for organizations, public sector entities, industries and interest groups. Dr. Brock is a retired field grade Air Force officer who capped his military career by training and educating officer candidates on how to lead in the high stakes world of military service.

Source: PRWeb

Published by OnSomble

OnSomble provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with customizable adaptive learning solutions for professional development, continued education, and individualized learning. OnSombles solutions empower organizations to efficiently allocate evidence-based content and education resources and utilize key metrics and data analytics. The solutions are designed to pinpoint development opportunities, identify internal leaders, empower growth from within, provide built-in peer feedback capabilities, measure key demographic and certification data, and create individual self-development dashboards that support employee engagement and reduce variation in practice, optimizing patient outcomes.

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